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The 2020 COVID-19 crisis has been a ‘Pearl Harbor’ type event in American history.  

The American public has been shocked by events and suddenly made aware of its vulnerability to external powers.  The long demise of American-based manufacturing of medical supplies has suddenly contributed to the fear, pain, suffering, death and financial decline of the American public.  We have discovered the great American healthcare system is not really American after all.  The shocking fact is that our supply chain was weak, vulnerable and quickly collapsed under the pressure of this virus.

The need to develop a U.S.-based medical manufacturing base is as obvious as it is imperative. The hurdles are significant: financial investment, redirecting long established offshore business dealings, regulatory considerations and market and government commitments.

We are planning the formation of a coalition of manufacturers, investors, distributors, healthcare providers and government to advance the establishment a healthcare manufacturing base in the United States.

Our concerns include protecting the availability of raw materials, creating economic incentives, improving the regulatory environment and promoting the investment in and establishment of manufacturing enterprises.

By taking organized action, the ‘American Medical Manufacturing Coalition’ will endeavor to:

Fully align the security, economic, social and geopolitical interests of key stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare supply chain through the manufacture and distribution of medical devices/equipment, med/surg supplies and drugs made in America.

Materially propel the scope and scale of industrial manufacturing of medical equipment, med/surg supplies and drugs in the United States to better serve the health and wellness needs of our Nation’s citizens and those of America’s global allies.

Positively impact national productivity, public policy and global competitiveness through American innovation, new job creation and advocacy of priority regulatory infrastructure to support sustainable change, stability and growth of the U.S. Healthcare supply chain.

Succeed in disrupting and effectively changing the prevailing status quo in the U.S. healthcare system by ‘fixing’ what has long been viewed a highly inefficient supply chain system and what has been further proclaimed as a failing supply chain system during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Initially this effort is led by Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy Healthcare Companies, an established U.S. healthcare technology solutions provider, medical supply distributor and pioneer of the iRemedy online marketplace. Mr. Paquin has decades of experience in healthcare and insurance and has worked with government agencies and elected officials at the state and federal level. The expectation is that a proper governance system with a board of directors, partners and advisors will ultimately lead the way.

The iRemedy ecommerce platform is now integrated with over 80 leading medical supply partners, including industry icons Vizient, McKesson, Medline, Johnson and Johnson, and Cardinal, among others. Paquin will be joined on the Coalition’s founding executive committee by a small group of like-minded industry professionals intent on being agents of change and willing to bring their personal and professional influence to bear to help advance our mission. 

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