iRemedy is designed to save healthcare providers time and money on the medical supplies and drugs used in their practices, AND to generate new revenues through the sale of products and services to their patients.


Save costs through smarter buying of medical supplies, equipment and drugs.


Generate new revenues through the sale of needed healthcare products and services.


Connect with patients through remote monitoring of patients by using affordable wearable devices.

Dr. Raymond Kordowny, MD


“iRemedy has provien to be the best - fastest and lowest cost - solution for buying our medical supplies. Everything we can do to reduce expenses is extremely important to us as we continue to build my practice.".

Dr. Brian Haas, MD, F.A.C.S

“We love selling our patients products - products that improve their health and enhance their surgery results! This is a proven win-win for everyone involved..”

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  • Pavan Anand, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • Marc Braman, M.D., MPH | Preventive Medicine
  • Hal Brown, M.D. | Family Medicine
  • Stephanie A. Chuipek, M.D. | Pediatric Medicine
  • Jeffrey S. Clarke, M.D. | Critical Care Medicine
  • Brian J. Deonarine, M.D., F.A.C.C. | Cardiology
  • Kevin Fleishman, M.D. | Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Nicole G. Freels, D.P.M. | Podiatry
  • Glenn S. Fuoco, M.D. | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Charles Garnette, M.D. | Vascular Surgery |
  • George W. Ginter, M.D. | Anesthesiology
  • Brian Haas, M.D. | Ophthalmology | Plastic Surgery
  • Jason Harris, M.D. | General Surgery
  • Oliver Jenkins, M.D. | Otolaryngology
  • Magdalene Karon, M.D. | Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Raymond Kordonowy M.D. | Internal Medicine 
  • Joe Krause, M.D. | Nephrology | Internal Medicine
  • Romana Kulikova, M.D. | Pediatric Neurology
  • Todd Kupferman, M.D. | Otolaryngology
  • John D. Looff, M.D. | Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Hector Lozano, M.D. | Cardiology
  • Joseph Magnant, M.D. | Vascular Surgery
  • Michele S. Maholtz, M.D., F.C.C.P. | Pulmonology | 
  • David Marcantel, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. | Gynecology 
  • Jackie Matar, M.D. | Radiation Oncology
  • James R. Mault, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Cardiothorasic Surgery
  • John Mullins | President, Marshall Lifestyle Medicine
  • Lakshmi Naidu, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • Kirk Reichard, M.D. | Pediatric Surgery
  • Sara Reichard, M.D. | Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Deepti Sadhwani, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • Harish Sadhwani, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • Christopher Perry, M.D. | Rhinoplasty | Otolaryngology


  • Dennis F. Saver, M.D. | Family Medicine |
  • Eric T. Shapiro, M.D. | Orthopedic Surgery
  • William J. Simons, M.D. | Infectious Disease Medicine
  • Wayne Sinclair, M.D. | Asthma & Allergy
  • Vineel Sompalli, M.D. | Interventional Cardiology
  • John D. Stewart, M.D. | General Surgery
  • John Thurman, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • David Theil, M.D. | Anesthesiology
  • Nancy Thurman-Watson, M.D. | Anesthesiology
  • Francisco Torres, M.D. | Interventional Physiatry |
  • Thomas Von Unrug, M.D. | Internal Medicine
  • Mark Ziffer, M.D. | Urology
  • Vivian Bilasano, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • James Foster, M.D. – Chronic Illness Management, 
  • Cheryl Reynolds, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • Richard Seldes, M.D. – Orthopaedics
  • Hani Selfein, M.D. – Cardiology
  • Ballard Wright, M.D. – Pain Management and Rehabilitation
  • Douglas Hertford, MD – Diagnostic Radiology
  • Qefli Neziri, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Nicholas Roy Goucher, MD – Orthopedics
  • Donald Chadwell, MD – Physiatrist
  • R. Brian Mitchell, MD – Hematology
  • Michael Maynard, MD – Orthopedics
  • Todd E. Kimball, OD – Optometry
  • Samir Wahib, MD – OB/GYN
  • Bryan C. Markinson, DPM – Podiatric Surgery
  • Leo Keegan, MD – Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Internal Medicine, Lipid & Wellness


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This feature of iRemedy is a free service to licensed physicians in the United States.  You can now save yourself the hassle of meeting with pharma reps and simply order the drug samples you need for your practice online.